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Print Your Own Labels

Looking to order blank labels? At Labelcraft we only use the highest-grade material so you can feel secure knowing that your labels will look great and perform well. Don't see the size or shape you are looking for? We have thousands of dies available and can produce almost any size or shape you want. Contact us to learn more.

Temporary Tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are a fun and appealing way to get your brand or message seen. If applied during the event they create a sense of community among the participants, and if taken home as a giveaway you create future ambassadors. Our four colour printing process allows you to turn virtually any design into a temporary tattoo.

This product provides great bang for your buck. Perfect for special events, concerts, product promos and inserts, trade shows, sporting events and kids’ giveaways. Design a bold, unique or surprising temporary tattoo and you may be amazed how many people will want one!

For quicker, easier application during events consider our waterless tattoos. A Premiums Plus exclusive product, our waterless tattoos are also one of our best sellers.

Waterless Tattoos

Waterless tattoos are a Premiums Plus exclusive product that allows for instant, mess-free temporary tattoo application. Get on the spot branding and build a community of ambassadors with these tattoos at your next event or fundraiser. Our waterless tattoos have another advantage over standard temporary tattoos - they don't need to be printed in reverse. That means your message always appears exactly how you intended it.

A fantastic value, these waterless tattoos have a low per unit cost and offer instant gratification for the recipient. A new twist on an old product, these make a great giveaway at special events, concerts, trade shows, fundraisers and more. Given the ease of use many of our clients have found higher levels of participation.

Stock Shape Magnets

Check any fridge in North America and you'll be hard pressed to not find at least a few magnets. An exceptional value, as this is a practical product that many people will keep for years. Keep your business top of mind by providing quick access to key information, such as your phone number, email address and location.

A practical, budget-friendly promotional product, our stock shape magnets come in a variety of sizes from 1.25" x 3" to 5" x 3.5" and several popular shapes including, square, rectangle, circle, and oval. In addition to being a great giveaway for consumers, consider them for your next business-to-business promotional product, as they are very useful for holding documents to filing cabinets and other metal surfaces.

Custom Shaped Magnets

Personalize your magnets even further with a custom die-cut design. Make your brand stand out with a unique, memorable shape. Consider using the outline of your logo, your product or another image that strongly represents your brand. A quick tip from our designer is to keep the shape of the magnet simple - avoid sharp angles and tight corners. Our Custom Shape Magnets are priced based on square inches and include the cost of creating a die for your shape.

Magnets are a great promotional item for both consumers and businesses as they create a practical, long-lasting impression when placed on refrigerators or filing cabinets. Our 20 millimetre total thickness magnets are highly durable and are often kept for years. This provides quick access to key business information for whenever the need arises.

Poetry Magnets

Our poetry magnets are a fun and interactive product for both at home and in the office. We offer full customization of this product. Above and beyond adding your logo, you can mix and match words to choose the ones that resonate with your brand. These poetry magnets have personality and are an office favourite for teammates to leave fun and inspirational messages for each other.

As with all Premiums Plus magnets, we produce high quality 20-millimetre total thickness magnets that are durable and will often stay on fridges and filing cabinets for years. Our poetry magnets offer a high-perceived value, while still being budget friendly. Given the interactive nature of the product, they are more likely to be used, increasing the exposure for your business.

Mood Magnets

Our mood magnets are a great team-builder that helps your customers express themselves at home or in the office. The mood magnets feature a full color design with 12 different facial expressions, along with a detachable frame that can be moved to outline the face that best matches their mood. Customize the border with key business information, such as your phone number, location and logo.

These are an excellent giveaway for schools, health care facilities, and anyone who enjoys the light-hearted side of business from time to time. Also consider using them at your next promotional event or trade show. The fun, interactive factor makes this a great way for your brand to stand out and get onto someone's fridge or filing cabinet.

Photo Frame Magnets

Our photo frame magnets are guaranteed to brighten up any fridge, filing cabinet or locker. Your clients can use it hold smiling photos of their loved ones, or to keep key information handy. Ideal for camera and framing shops, veterinarians, birthday pictures, sports teams, and kids’ promotions. They are also a hit with families at theme parks and fairs. Include them with instant photo prints of people screaming down roller-coasters or kids hugging their favourite amusement park character.

Create your own frames or pick from our extensive collection of designs, ranging in size and shape. Even better, we give you two magnets in one! The centre piece pulls out to be a stand alone magnet with all of your pertinent business information, while the custom frame features your logo or slogan. You can also commemorate a special event by adding a year and location to the frame. 

Environmental Labels - Roll Repositionable

Choose our Environmental Roll Labels for high-quality labels that have a recyclable liner made of 100% recycled paper. We feel pretty good about being able to divert more trash from landfills, and are sure you and your customers will too.

With our Environmental Label you get a high-quality, digital, four-colour print that is finished with our durable high gloss lamination. Better yet, we use our state of the art repositionable adhesive that allows you to apply the label to virtually any surface and then cleanly remove it and re-apply it. Perfect for resealable food packaging, closures, and more. You can also use these roll stickers as a giveaway at your next event. The perforations make distribution quick and easy! 

Environmental Roll labels - Permanent

Our Roll Labels are a cost-effective way to order high-quality custom stickers that make a lasting impression. These durable paper stickers are laminated and have a permanent adhesive that will stick to virtually any surface. 

Use them as a final touch on food or product packaging to create a finished, polished look. Another great application is to add them to promotional material and highlight key business information. For customers who want to use the stickers as a giveaway at events the perforation makes distribution easy. A great choice for bulk sticker purchases, each roll comes with 500 stickers.

Clothing Stickers

Our Premiums-Plus Clothing Stickers can be easily removed from clothing without leaving behind any residue. Designed with a special fabric adhesive, your participants can rest assured that these stickers are 100% fabric safe. Finished in rolls of 500 stickers with perforation for easy distribution.

Now printed on our recyclable Enviroliner made with 100% recycled paper.

These stickers are great for events, corporate workshops, school functions and more. Choose our laminated version for a durable, polished look that captures your brand or messaging in the best light. This type of sticker also works well for games and corporate team builders where people are divided into set groups. For on the go customization, choose our un-laminated version that participants can personalize with their name or other key information.

Environmental Sticker Sheets

With Environmental Sticker Sheets you get all of the designs you want on one convenient page. The possibilities are limitless. When designing a custom sticker sheet, be sure to maximize the use of space by including a range of sizes and shapes. This also gives your customer more flexibility when choosing how and where to use each sticker. Choose Environmental Sticker Sheets as your next consumer giveaway, or use them as an educational tool.

Now printed on our new recyclable Enviroliner made from 100% recycled paper. Digitally printed with our four colour printing process, each sheet is finished with lamination and die-cutting for a durable, polished look.

Silver Foil Stickers

Create a feeling of luxury with our beautiful, metallic silver foil stickers. Instantly eye-catching and glamorous, these stickers speak to the quality and attention to detail you put into your products and your brand. A favourite for cosmetics and jewellery packaging, these stickers can be used any time you want to add a little something extra.

Silver Foil Stickers also make an excellent choice on custom invitations, promotional branding, certificates and other premium paper products. Foil stickers are an elegant way to leave a lasting impression, also consider our Gold Foil Stickers.

Gold Foil Stickers

Reach out and touch product packaging sealed with one of our luxurious Gold Foil Stickers and you will immediately sense the importance and sophistication of the product contained within. Packaging, done well, can elevate a product to the next level. Our beautiful metallic stickers help you to achieve that perception.

These stickers are the gold standard in the cosmetics and beauty industries and consistently test well for packaging of items such as skin-care products, make-up and fragrances. They also add appeal to health-related products such as sunscreens, toothpastes and supplements. Aside from packaging, these foil stickers make a great first impression on invitations and promotional materials. They're perfect for any occasion where you want to add a touch of class.

Environmental Sheeted Labels

Our Environmental sheeted stickers are made with the same high quality process and materials as our Roll Labels, they are just cut into individual pieces for easy distribution. Stacked flat in bundles for easy transport and storage, these are a convenient way to order custom stickers for giveaways. Place them on your promotional table at your next trade show or event and watch people gravitate towards them.

Now printed on our new recyclable Enviroliner made from 100% recycled paper.

Available in a wide range of custom shapes and sizes, use our Virtual Sample Maker to start designing with one of our templates, or upload your own artwork. These paper stickers have a repositional adhesive that will stick to virtually any surface, and are laminated for durability.

White Permanent Vinyl Decal

Our White Permanent Custom Vinyl Decals are a great choice indoors or out when you are looking for a durable, permanent label. Vinyl Decals are often used indoors to add a personalized touch to electronics, appliances, guitars and more. Similarly, consumers often add them to outdoor sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, bicycles and helmets. Government agencies as well as large and small business often use this style of decal on vehicles for fleet marking identification.

This digitally printed decal in full color can be customized to any shape or size you need. Choose white decals for the best result on opaque surfaces, or select our clear decals for use on glass and other transparent surfaces.

White Repositionable Vinyl Decal

Our White Repositionable Custom Vinyl Decals offer the same durability as our permanent stickers with the option to remove and reapply to new surfaces as needed. The special adhesive remains tacky even after multiple applications. A great choice for walls, computers and cell phones as it goes on easily to virtually any smooth surface.

Customize this decal in any size and shape using our Virtual Sample Maker. It comes in full colour and is digitally printed for the highest quality result. Looking for a decal for outdoor applications? Consider our White Permanent Vinyl Decal, it's great for adding to vehicles and sports equipment.

Clear Permanent Vinyl Decal

Choose our Clear Permanent Vinyl Decals for when you need a transparent look, such as on windows, glass, plastic and metal surfaces. A popular choice for businesses and restaurants. Order large clear decals as storefront signage in windows, or apply it indoors on mirrors to promote sales or contests.

Our durable, clear vinyl decals adhere bubble free and are waterproof and fade resistant, leaving a lasting impression. Choose from a front or back adhesive for applying to the interior or exterior of glass.

Clear Removable Vinyl Decal

Choose our Clear Removable Vinyl Decals for adding special promotions to windows and mirrors. It offers the same seamless look as the permanent vinyl decals, but can be removed easily and cleanly without causing any damage to the surface. It also won’t leave behind any sticky residue.

Apply them on changing room mirrors or shop windows to highlight special sales or social media contests. These decals are fully customizable, choose your size and shape and then upload your artwork. Use our Virtual Sample Maker to get started. Need something more permanent for long-term signage? See our Clear Permanent Vinyl Decals.

Standard Sticky Notes

Now made from 100% Recycled Paper!

Make your message stick with personalized Sticky Notes. Add your logo, company name and phone number where people will see them. A favourite desk and home accessory, these high-quality sticky notes leave a great long-lasting impression. Start customizing a design today with our Virtual Sample Maker.

Premiums Plus has developed a special release varnish that helps notes stick better and longer, without curling or falling off. When you want to remove them, the special adhesive is mess-free leaving no residue behind.

Digitally Printed

Digitally printed sticky notes are a great marketing tool, offering full creative control and the highest quality printing process. Great for full colour images and pictures. 

Now printed using 100% recycled paper!

These Sticky Notes are printed with a special release varnish that keeps the notes sticking better and longer, without curling or falling off. Removal is easy, and no residue is left behind with the special Premiums Plus adhesive.

With digitally printed sticky notes we can provide a quote for multiple designs or messaging throughout the pad. This variable data can be random, or specific. For example, a client may wish to have a group of 5 images rotate consecutively throughout the notepad. 

Scratch Pads

Everyone needs a few scratch pads on their desk or kitchen counter. Make sure they have one with your company logo and message on it. We have multiple design templates, ranging from basic note pads to shopping lists, message forms, tear-off sheets, grid patterns, thank-you notes, score pads and more! Use our Virtual Sample Maker to customize yours today.

This practical, budget-friendly choice is a noteworthy giveaway that comes in a variety of sizes. Choose from 25, 50 or 100 sheets per pad. We also offer a variety of printing options, choose from one or more spot colours. Looking for something sticky? Check out our Sticky Notes.

Stick-it-Anywhere Gloss Memo Board

A Premiums-Plus exclusive product. Our Stick-it-anywhere Gloss Memo Board is a convenient way to set reminders or share memos between colleagues. Your customers will love the practicality of it, and you will get your branding into their home or office.

Our state-of-the-art repositionable adhesive can be applied to virtually any surface, including walls, refrigerators, windows and desktops. It can also be removed and reapplied to any new surface without leaving a residue or losing its stickiness. Use it with wet or dry erase markers and wipe clean in seconds. A great promotional item that is sure to be appreciated by clients.

Stick-it-Anywhere Matte

The matte version of our Stick-it-Anywhere product, choose our special low tack adhesive as a great magnet or sticker alternative. Many of our clients appreciate the flexibility and creative potential of this product and use it for mouse pads or wall calendars.

Given the durability and special repositionable adhesive that allows it to be removed and reapplied to virtually any surface without leaving a residue or losing its stickiness, we recommend using it for a highly functional product that is likely to be used on a daily basis by clients. See our other Stick It Anywhere products with different finishes.

Stick it Anywhere Repositionable Mousepad

Custom Stick it Anywhere mousepads make for a high-quality, useful giveaway during your next promotion. Our Stick-it-Anywhere mousepads have a special adhesive backing so that it stays put, no matter where you place it. This special adhesive means that the mousepad can be removed and repositioned hundreds of times without leaving a residue or losing its stickiness.

The large, full-colour printable surface makes for a great branding and messaging opportunity. Interested in traditional mouse pads? We have standard, black open cell rubber ones too.

Rubber - Standard Mousepad

Mouse pads are a great promotional item because of the large imprint area and practicality. It's a promotional product that people will actually want to use. Despite technological advancements in computing, mouse pads are still a must-have item for most office workers. This provides a great opportunity for you to have your brand or logo seen on a daily basis not only by the primary user, but also by his or her co-workers.

Consider printing a calendar mousepad with your logo in the frame for a high-value product that your customers are likely to appreciate. Our standard mouse pads are printed in full-colour on a durable hard-textured surface that is bonded to a black open-cell rubber base. Choose from either 1/16” or 1/8” thickness.


Our custom pin-back buttons are a favourite for school events, trade shows and fundraisers. These premium, durable buttons feature a high gloss, water-resistant finish, with a full colour print. We offer them in a range of sizes to suit different promotions.

A popular choice for university and high school students who love to pin them to backpacks and laptop bags. Get your message seen with these long-wearing, colourful buttons.

Custom Products

While all of our stock items can be fully personalized with your graphics, sometimes you need a little something extra. At Premiums Plus we can help you create a fully custom promotional item that is sure to keep your business top of mind. As an experienced manufacturer we are able to combine almost any material, adhesive and shape to create a unique and memorable add-on. Learn more about our Custom Products and how we can help you by visiting the Idea Center.

Stick it Anywhere Repositionable Mousepad

Custom Stick it Anywhere mousepads make for a high-quality, useful giveaway during your next promotion. Our Stick-it-Anywhere mousepads have a special adhesive backing so that it stays put, no matter where you place it. This special adhesive means that the mousepad can be removed and repositioned hundreds of times without leaving a residue or losing its stickiness.

The large, full-colour printable surface makes for a great branding and messaging opportunity. Interested in traditional mouse pads? We have standard, black open cell rubber ones too.

Looking for our Environmental Labels?

We also offer an eco-friendly alternative that uses 100% recycled paper for the liners, and can be recycled again after use. This breakthrough innovation dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of labels. Learn more about our environmental labels, or contact us to get a quote.
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